Gluten Free Coca Cola & Jell-O Dessert


In 1886, Coca Cola made its debut in Atlanta, Georgia. Jacob's Pharmacy sold it for 5 cents a glass.
The Pharmacist who created it only sold 9 glasses a day.
The original bottles were produced so that you would know that it was a real Coca Cola even in the dark - And indeed you can.

Since Coke was a Southern creation, we thought we'd add an old fashioned Coca Cola recipe.


It wasn't uncommon for Jell-O based salads to be served in the South because hotter climates were made nicer with a cold refreshing salad or dessert. Most Jell-O salads are not only cold but also sweet and fruity. If you grew up in the South, there was always at least one served at any family get together or event.

The following is a gluten free, gelatine salad that we still serve at functions today.
This is an unusual recipe and involves the addition of Coca Cola to it. The Coke does not really affect the taste at all, being drowned out by the heavy black cherry syrup, but it makes the dish ligher and almost but not quite fizzy, yielding a delightful texture.


Coca Cola Salad

1- 15 oz can bing seedless cherries,

1 -20 oz can crushed pineapple in juice

1- 12 oz can chilled coca cola

1 -8 oz cream cheese diced

1- 3 oz box cherry jello

1- 3 oz box strawberry jello

1- cup chopped pecans

Drain juice from cherries and pineapple and add cola to juice to make 2 cups of liquid. Bring to boil, remove from heat, and stir in jellos till dissolved.

Blend in diced cream cheese, fruit, and nuts. Add remaining cola. Pour into mold and chill till congealed.

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